Monday, January 26, 2015

Transfered to Colinas Del Sol Ward

Wow um in the last 48 hours has been an emotional roller coaster. Wow. Well this week in all was good. We were working with a young adult who is awesome and smart, he will be baptized this 14th of February. Really, I can't member what happened this week because what has changed happened yesterday and that's what I am still shocked about. Pedernales is a awesome little city. The rama is awesome.  I got over the mistakes that they were committing and found what its doing right. In the branch we have really tight relationships with the members because we work with them and we are always with them. Pedernales is calm and smooth and super slow. But on Saturday night at 10:45 after I had already gone to bed, the assistants to the president called and said that my companion and I are being transferred. So Sunday morning we said a very painful good bye to the members and the converts and we left. We were only able to take the sacrament and then go. I can say that I cried. A lot. Because I don't know when I will see them again, I learned to love that people and it is hard to say goodbye. I felt like I was saying goodbye to my family at the airport all over again. I think the hardest part was saying goodbye to Elder Sanchez. I really love him and I don't know, we have a very strong friendship. I have never seen him cry, but I saw him cry for the first time. But we all have to trust only in God and follow him. Sunday we left at 10 and I had so much hunger, and we couldn't buy stuff so I was dyeing of hunger all day. In Guayaquil at 7 in the noche. We stayed with the elders from the office and then recently today I was placed with my new companion. Elder Condori, he is from Bolivia.  He came into the mission the same time as me and Elder Muñoz. I am now serving in the ward Colinas Del Sol in Guayaquil where everything is loud and hectic and dirty and fast and busy, not to mention hot as can be. I have a head ache right now from all the things that has changed so rapidly. But I know that God wants me to learn something. 

I lover you so very much.
Have an awesome week
 Elder Luke

saying goodbye
saying goodbye
Goodbye Elder Sanchez

Goodbye ocean


Hello Guayaquil


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