Monday, January 5, 2015

There is a huge story behind this comment and there is no time for it

Wow that's awesome that the business is going good, BSU won and that everything is going perfectly in Boise. (Well... perfectly I don't know but we're pretty blessed.) I don't have a lot of time to write, forgive me. I am truly blessed with a few things I was able to learn this week. This week was rough. We didn't have a good day Monday and not Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Bahia where we almost got stranded, the same time we were broke. I really need to budget money. But it was nice to chill Wednesday and Thursday (New Year's Eve and New Year's day the missionaries had to stay in their casa to avoid the parties and strange customs of burning large paper statues). I didn't sleep but I chilled. I did a lot of exercising and I drew. Nothing great but a little sketch. What has gone down this week is that we don't have a program to work with. The people haven't wanted to receive us and the people that we have been working with have been falling in sin. But since Friday Ii have felt that my ability to teach with the Spirit to their needs has grown. I have felt that the spirit muy fuerte (very strong) recently.

First thing that I had go down where I learned a lot is when an investigator got drunk. He was drunk in front of me and called me over and started to cry.  He begged for forgiveness for drinking. Now I wasn't judging him. I wasn't the person he needed to ask for forgiveness from, only God. Now he doesn't remember that moment because he was drunk, but in that moment I found the love I have for him. I felt that his soul, his spirit that was in him was talking to me saying that I need to help this man. He was drunk and drunk people are weird but the Spirit is the same and I felt it crying out to me for help. That moment I saw him not as garbage or a bad person I saw him as a son of god throwing his potential away. I don't want to give up on him because I know that Christ wouldn't give up on him and I am a representative of Christ. I now see a child of God that needs to change and needs my help to be like his father in heaven. I am so grateful for that experience because it has strengthened my testimony that God loves everyone and there is no exceptions. The other thing is that God needs me to rescue his almas, his children. Its hard to be a missionary but its worth it.
The second thing is that I want to thank you mom and dad for giving me the chance to be in an eternal family. There is a huge story behind this comment and there is no time for it but I am grateful that my mom loves my dad and dad loves my mom and that we are sealed together for time and eternity. I have learned so much about the plan of salvation and I am so grateful. Thank you! (OK cliff notes version of the mission field stories doesn't work for this mom.  I hope that we'll find out more about this story someday soon.)
I really love you mom and I am truly grateful for all that you do for me. I am always led back to something that Elder Bednar said, that the video games, the internet, the movies, working and money and everything temporal is not real or is real for a short moment. But what is real is being engulfed by the arms of our heavenly father. That's what is important. The things that are spiritual that lead us to our father.
Have a wonderful week.
Elder Luke
PS I also cut my hair super short.


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