Monday, December 29, 2014

My calling as a missionary is so grand.

A lot happened at home sounds that its pretty awesome. First awesome that is so cute that Nick and Casaundra got married, the photos are awesome. That's' so cute. I am so happy for Thomas Worley. Took him a long time to get to baptism but he got there that's what matters. Really its just awesome. You have to send me pictures of that. I am so proud of him.

Well skyping, I bet you couldn't hear it but I was choking up a lot. The first time I called on Mother's Day it was all cool and stuff. But this time, I don't know, I really miss you guys. But it doesn't mean that I don't work hard. Just in my heart I miss you a lot.  It was so nice to see everyone and to laugh as a family just like old times. 

Well this week was good and tiring. After I called you guys we went home and had an awesome Christmas Eve. A new member cooked for us and she was so kind. We sang to her and she cried, she also gave us presents. She is awesome.

On Christmas Eve I also built a Christmas tree in our house. You can see it in the pictures, its not as life like as others but its unique. We had dinner and we had a spiritual talk and it was nice. Its a tradition to wake up at 12 in the morning to hug each other and say Merry Christmas. So that's what we did. We even called my convert Magaly Barahona to wish her Merry Christmas. It was nice.

On Christmas morning I got up early and cooked pancakes for my companions. It was nice.  We ate a lot. We opened the presents too and I loved the presents from you guys. Thank you. I love the Temple pin. I have it on my suit. But the CTR light thing doesn't work. Don't know why. But oh well. We love the Nutela like peanut butter its awesome. The mashed potatoes I love but others don't. And the cookies we have yet to cook.  Thank you so much. 

It was a really good Christmas. I wasn't with you guys but it was better than my first Christmas in the mission.

Well we had a baptism. He is awesome. We had planned to have a baptism of 4. But a family backed out at the last second. But this man is called Manuel Caizedo. He is awesome. He lives far from the church but he understands the law of sacrifice. He walks a lot to the church. He cried and hugged us a lot. He was been in 4 other churches and he said that no other church teaching what we teach and the way we teach. He is a true convert.  The baptism was really spiritual.

On Sunday was his confirmation. It was nice, Magaly Barahona, my convert, she gave her first talk in church. She talked about enduring to the end. She is awesome. She got her wisdom teeth out and so her face hurt and was swollen, but she wanted to give her talk so bad.  So she prayed that the swelling and pain would go away. God blessed her and the swelling went down and she gave a powerful talk. In the end she bore her testimony. She cried and I started to cry. But she said that she had fallen away from God before but then we passed by and rescued her. She then said directly  to us that she will never ever apart from God again., Then she said that she knows this is the true church. Wow. I cried a lot and I had such a huge smile on my face. You don't understand what it feels like to hear that be said. She is a convert. Before we passed by for her, she didn't like the missionaries. But I have a testimony that people are prepared for us. Manuel and her were prepared for us, for me. My calling as a missionary is so grand.

This week will be the same as last week. We aren't going to work that much. Sucks but I am so tired and ready to sleep a lot of new years.

I absolutely love you mom and family. Have a wonderful week.

Elder Luke.

p.s. A LOT of FOTOS


Snowman in Ecuador
Christmas Morning Pancakes

Christmas present - Temple pin

An American Missionary's guilty pleasure
We're going to have to find out more information about this drawing

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