Monday, December 1, 2014

I am grateful for this sacred calling that God has trusted me with.

I am glad that you were able to have an awesome Thanksgiving week. Here wasn't anything. What a bummer.  It just felt like a normal day. It wasn't until yesterday that my companion asked me what I did for Thanksgiving to celebrate, when I realized that I forgot. Chuso. Si o no. But its all good.  The other greengo in the house didn't care enough to pump me up to celebrate. But esta bien (it's OK).

Well this week was a good week. I learned a lot.  I love learning. Its hard to learn but its worth it.  This week I found out the real way to have an effective planning session. We have weekly goals. So we first set daily goals based on our weekly goals. We set the goals so we are lined up to complete the weekly goals. After we set daily goals we makes plans to complete the daily goals and with that we can complete our goals and show to the Lord the desires of our hearts. I am so grateful to have found that out. This week was really good because we came closer to hitting our weekly goals. Its an  awesome feeling. The set back this week was that we didn't have people to teach and so we talked and walked and talked and walked some more. But the Lord blessed us with a huge mass of people that can progress. Its awesome. We have found a lot of people. Its good to have a lot of people because  it makes planning easier and it  makes the numbers  better. Its awesome to see the gospel start to change  the lives of people. This one guy we found  isn't married and we have to change that. But he received us with great love and listened to us. For the first time in a long time he prayed and read the scriptures and I can see how he just wants us to  come back . His wife isn't quite receptive but we are working on that. This man  is called Egre. He is talk and buys fish. He went to church. Something that I have seen is that he started wearing the cross. It wasn't there before but now he is wearing it.  He doesn't know that we don't wear the cross as a symbol though. He is just expressing more fe (faith). I really feel that  he will progress. The other day we had a lesson with a man who couldn't  read but felt and understood the power of our message. Another lady doesn't learn very well but went to church and is progressing to baptism.  We have to teach her super slow and basic, but we see the change the gospel makes in the lives of people. The gospel changes lives. I love seeing that.

This week was stake conference here in portoviejo. Pres. de area came. He was powerful. Spoke so beautifully. I want to be like the leaders of the church. So smart. Powerful, the way they talk is with the Spirit. He talked about the traditions correctos (correct) and incorrectos (incorrect). He talked about what traditions we leave behind. It has really made a huge impact in my life hearing that. It was so powerful. I was to be obedient like how he spoke. We obey because God asked it of us and we should be willing to obey. 

Thank you for your prayers. Have a wonderful week.
I am grateful for this sacred calling that God has trusted me with.

I love you
Elder Luke

Looks like the new missionary is making Oreo chocolate balls.  Yum

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