Monday, December 8, 2014

Just hearing whats going on at home and whats going on here, I just feel my saviors love.

Wow your letter and the letter from dad sounds really awesome. I feel really humble. Or what I mean to say is that God loves me so much and I really don't deserve it. Just hearing whats going on  at home and whats going on here, I just feel my saviors love. 

This week and this week that we are in is and will be weird. First lunes (Monday)11:30 in the night I received a messege that I will spend like all week with the lider de zona (zone leader) in his sector. I was there martes( Tuesday), meircoles (Wednesday), jueves ( Thursday) and I left viernes (Friday). It was weird because I started to love the investigators and worry about them and then I had to return to my sector. It was really good to be with the leader de zona because I learned so much. It was fun because we click really well together. His name is Elder Acsho. But I came back friday and got back to work. We have 4 people progressing to baptism. This one man who lives solo and he has some problems of cancer but his fe (Faith) is strong and accepts everything so fast. The other 3 is a mom and her two kids. The mom wants her two kids to be missionaries like us when they grow up. They have 8 y 11 aƱos, but they want the white shirt and tie and want to pray and read the book of mormon. its awesome. 
This week will be intesresting becase we are going to guayaquil. Tomorrow i will leave in the morning and be in a bus all day until the night time. Get there them wednesday we have a conference of the mission and then i get to go to the temple, then come back to pedernales on thursday. Its goign to be cool to see all  my freinds in the conference, like elder phillips. 
Well i hope you guys have seen the new video from the church. El es la Dadiva, i think that the translation is He is the Gift. The video is awesome and powerful. We have little cards that we contact with and inviote others to discover the gist and accept the gift. 
I have been thinking a lot about christ with this new program. I have found more about how to accept christ more in my life. I have found the importance of this christmas. I Am truly grateful for christ.
He knows me and loves me and I represent him.

I love you so much, 


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