Monday, January 19, 2015

I know I am missed and you guys are missed but I have to be here.

Wow, thank you so much for sending all the pictures. I looked at all the pictures of trek in fliker and the birthday party, seeing all of your faces so lightened and happy, really refreshes my soul. I am sorry that this letter will be shorter because I don't have a lot of time and looking at all the pictures took a lot of my short time I have. But I am good. I am healthy. Maybe a little not trimmed in the six pack area but I will be repenting and changing that. Its just so easy  to eat and not work out. Its really easy. Now I am not over weight. Just not trimmed. I am good, tired un poco (a little). But good.

This week was an exciting week. We changed a lot and we have a lot of people to work with. But we aren't seeing people progressing. Things are changing in this branch. Its more organized and we are working hand in hand now that we have a ward mission leader. 
okay one story.

On Saturday in the night time there was a storm really big. A lot of rain, wind and thunder. It was good. It shook my bed. Super powerful. When we woke up we realized that the windows were left open. One window had magazines under it and now the magazines are wet, and dirty. Other window threw dirt all over the kitchen. And worst of all was the window that was opened accidentally that lay above our desks. A lot of my books, agendas, photos, preach my gospel, DVD was all wet. It was actually pretty funny. Sucked to clean  it. All  over my desk and books and everything soaking wet. We didn't study very well that day because we were just cleaning a lot. 

Mom and dad I love you guys very well. I know I am missed and you guys are missed but I have to be here. This next 10 months will go fast but we need to take advantage of this time. I am changing and with this change is changing and forming my future. I know its hard this distance but we can understand with greater understanding the relationship between God and us. God wants that his children return to him.  I am making sure that that happens here. Mom you sent me a card once with the definition of a missionary. Missionary: one who leaves his family for two years to help families be together forever. I testify that is true. I am grateful for your support. I am grateful for your love.

Have a wonderful week.

Elder Luke

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