Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Surprise Baptism

Well I am thinking that you are freaking out because I haven't written. What happened is that today is the anniversary of the mission. So we had a huge party. So hoy (today) is our P Day. All the missionaries in the mission were in one capilla (chapel) celebrating one year in this mission. Hermana Dennis said that we baptized in one year about 2000 personas. But because of the party we got back super late and we have lessons actually right now. So I have to make it short to get going.

Last week we had a surprise baptism. He lives in another sector but his family lives in our sector, and he spends all of his time and attends church in nuestro barrio (our neighborhood). When we first started talking to him we found that he knew all that we could teach and had a testimony, so we put a baptism date and announced it to everyone. So we asked the assistants and they said no. So we talked to him and cancelled it and he understood. But the word got to his daughter who is on a mission in Mexico. She asked her presidente for permission to skype to see the baptism. He said yea and she started to plan it all. So she called her dad, obispo (bishop), and us. We told her that we couldn't.   She was crying and told us that we need to try harder to get him baptized. Well we got permission to call presidente directly and he authorized it, even for the next day. So the next day we had his interview for baptism an hour antes (before) the baptism. All was good and he was baptized. His daughter saw it all, super spiritual, his son baptized him.  Other than that nothing much happened.

Mom, I need to repent.  I have pictures but I will send them next week. Just because I don't have a lot of time.

Just know mom, I know its short and there are not any pictures, but I absolutely love this gospel. I love it.

I love you

Elder Luke 

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