Monday, June 23, 2014

Six month mark!

Wow it sounds like there has been a lot of things going on at home. I do miss the hectic stuff in Boise. The crazy stuff at home is not that crazy compared to here. Okay its a different type of crazy.

This last week we have been working a lot with our three baptismal feches (dates). This Hermana (sister) who is a little older, apart de eso tenemos 2 hermanas jovenes (apart from that we have two younger sisters). Two of them have some fear but we worked with them and all three of them are solid. They are going to get baptized this next sabado (Saturday). 

This one lesson we had with the two young women.  We had the Young Women's Presidente and some other Hermana (sisters) with us.  We had them share there conversion stories and we talked about how the church blesses families. Then the youngest of them said that she felt something weird. Something awesome. Something different. Something that she loves. Then we started teaching that the feeling that she has is the Spirit. I love the Spirit. 
So that scripture that I sent you guys last week to read is awesome (see previous post for links). It explains that God knows that we need food, we need water, we need all of those things. But first seek the kingdom of God. There are a lot of people who think that everything is first then God. But no. God is first. If we do everything possible to enter in the kingdom of God he will provide for us. Mom, remember that revelation that you had in the temple about what can you do more so that the store can have mas exito (more success)? (A few months back I was praying for help with our store and for some reason I thought about how I need to read my scriptures more regularly.  The thought came several times during that temple session.  Sometimes simple things can create big things).  First seek ye the kingdom of God and he will provide all. Its just like here. If I put my all into this work I know God will provide back home. Its the same for you guys. Do everything you can to seek the kingdom of God and the store and yours lives will be provided for from God. Then in the scripture after that he said fear not. God loves us all guys. I love it. 

Oh I finished my 6 month mark. We had pizza and I burned a tie like Elder Smith.

I love you
Until next week. God will provide for us.  He will provide for you.
Elder Luke

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