Monday, June 9, 2014

Every second I am here strengthening my testimony

One week down in the sector. It's a lot of walking. And its all hills, so my calves are going to get even bigger. We really have to plan well. Because we cant have a cita (appointment) on one side and then expect to go to the other side of the sector for another. I have heard that its not the biggest area. That its not even big. But I was born here in one of the smallest sector in the mission entonces (then)to me its big. We don't even live in our sector. We live in a nice neighborhood.  We also live on a hill. The top of the hill. Entonces cada dia (then each day) climbing mountain. You know that song "Somewhere there's a Mountain"? Well I found it. Everyday we leave and going en bus to our sector. Then when we need to go anywhere in the sector we go in tricimoto (three wheeled motorcycle). Bastion is full of those. They are like the bus or taxi for these people and for us. The roads are awful with pot holes and cracks everywhere but that's normal. 

Aqui (here) I have heard we get robbed a lot. But I haven't encountered that problem. Either God is protecting me because he knows how much I love my watch or I just jinxed myself and I am going to be robbed this week. No importa para (matter for me) me. In the scriptures it says to bless your enemies. I thought about how can I bless them. Yes with my message but if they want something I don't provide resistance. I don't know. I have never been robbed before. I feel that the spirit will guide me what to do in those situations. 

That's it about my sector. Now my companion. Se llama (he is called) Elder Cordova. El es de Ecuador (He is from Ecuador) . Su ciudad es norte de Quito (His city is north of Quito). El dijo que es 10 horas en bus (He said it is 10 hours by bus). That's crazy. He lives so close.  He could go home whenever he wants. Just hop on the bus. I could not do that. Like Elder Dean (who is in Las Vegas). I could not have served a mission close to home. Its easy to lose yourself in the work when you don't have that temptation of home. But he is awesome. He knows the doctrine. He knows how to have fun. He is obedient, but he is a tiny bit like a robot. That's where I can help with my strengths. We are a good companionship. Presisdente ayer dijo que vamos tener mucho exito juntos (President said that we will have a lot of success together). I know we will. We work hard together.

Bueno (Okay) this week. We have investigators. I don't really know where they live because I don't understand the map system of this city. But we have them. Grandpa Washburn would freak if he saw the land surveying here in Ecuador. Its awful. Tambien (Also) the mapping system. Bueno tenemos personas (But they have good people).
We have a family that we found. Its a mom, son y (and) brother of the mom. At first the hermano (brother) was receptive but the mom was not getting it. So we taught her over again the restoration pero (but) very direct and explained it all. Explained that the church of God has prophets and apostles. Si (if it) doesn't have that then is the true church. Explained that the church of Jesus Christ has to have la autoridad (authority). Sin eso (without it) its not the true church. Then we explained that the church of Jesus Christ has to be called the church of Jesus Christ. Una escritura (written) in the book of Mormon dice que (it says) "if the church is called after Moses then its the church of Moses, if its called after any man its the church of that man. But Jesus says and explains that his church will always be called the Church of Jesus Christ". So we explained that the name has to be The Church of Jesus Christ. Then we explained that if a church doesn't have all of that stuff then its not the true church. She said she has been looking for the church of God for a long time. I said "hermana (Sister) you don't have to look anymore. God has prepared you for this moment. You have found the church of Jesus Christ that has all of these things to be the true church". This Sunday was her first Sunday in church and she loved it. She is progressing to be baptized on 28 de junio (June 28th).

We have another investigator who is really cool and easy to talk with but nuca quiere asistir iglesia (never wants to attend church). But his sister did. Tambien (also) we have another familia that is a part member family. The guy is cool and knows that our church is true. He also was prepared for us.
What's really the bomb for this week was a conference with the three missions in Guayaquil. I got to see friends from the CCM tambien (also) friends from other zones in the mission. Como Elder Chas (I miss him so much) Elder Estrata, y Elder Barth ( he wants my ties). Tambien (also) I saw Elder Philips (who Brian went to school with in Boise). Well we were supposed to see and hear from Elder Dalen H Oaks. But he cancelled because he had something. So he called the 70 general se llama Elder Waldel. He stood up, even though he has seen us all before. But he stood up and started with saying that he had revelation. He received a question from the spirit. Why did the lord call this meeting if he knew that Elder Oaks was going to cancel his presence? Why were the three missions supposed to reunite? Then he explained the answer. He said that Guayaquil baptizes the most in this city compared to any city in the world. He said that we are an example for the world.  BUT, we don't have long lasting members. We don't have conversos (converts). He said that baptism is not the goal. Es esencial (it is essential) but without the temple, baptism is nothing. He said baptisms are not the goal. Eternal families are the goal. He explained that that's why we had that conference. Because we need to change. Rescue less actives and create conversos (converts) that will go to the temple and be an eternal family. The spirit was so strong. So PODEROSO (So powerful).  We left that conference and I felt so different. I felt like I needed to change the way I am teaching people. That the people are just progressing to be baptized but not to be in the temple. That they need to know that. Ever since then my attitude and the spirit has been mas fuerte (stronger) in me.  Before I wanted to baptize but now I want conversos (converts). I want to see long lasting members. 
Its was awesome. then before that talk his wife got up and cried a bunch because her son just returned home from his mission. I was very home sick for her talk. Especially when she said that my mother loves me. I balled a little. Okay a lot. (That's my boy!)

That's all for now folks. Guys every day I teach, every second I am here strengthening my testimony. Strengthens my will. I know you guys cant be here but through personal estudio (study) and sharing the gospel you can feel this strengthening that I am feeling. Just remember always that God loves every single one of you. Its true. And I know it.

Elder Luke

The Boise Boys!


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