Monday, July 21, 2014

Today I had a realization. I speak two languages!

Man I loved hearing about trek (Our home ward youth took a pioneer trek last week). I hope that I can be a father in the next trek. (OK.  That's weird for this mom) That's weird to think that I will back in time for that. (Our ward goes every four years.  Brian will be 22 when the next Trek happens.  Que mom freaking out.). Read Jacob 7.26 ("by saying that the time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream.")  Say that time is like a sueño (dream); Super fast.  This time is actually going by super fast, things pass by, people change and we are always finding people. For me right now I have 7 meses en la mission (7 months on my mission).  I am not really counting down the days that I have until I have to see my family.  I am counting how little time I have left to do this awesome work. But of course I dream of the day I will be back the los brazos de mi mama (my mom's arms). 
But hey trek sounded awesome. I was busted up laughing in this tiny little computer lab when I heard about the skit about spin bikes and the picture of Drew Dayton. It's so awesome that the youth in our barrio (neighborhood) get that opportunity to go on trek, high adventure and things like that because they don't have things like that here. They don't have the mountains to go backpacking, or the money to go biking. But what they do here is play futbol cada martes (soccer ever Tuesday). Which is fine because EVERYONE loves playing futbol here. Its their thing so esta bien (so OK).
Its really cool that you were able to see and hear how strong the youth are. Yet again its different here. The youth program no is lo mismo (is not the same) and they don't have la gente (people). Its awesome when there are the youth that are strong in the gospel and are raised with good parents like Nephi in , 1 Nephi 1:1 ("I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents, therefore I was taught somewhat in all the learning of my father"). I really am grateful to be born in the situations and family that I was.  I have been blessed, truly blessed and its not even funny. I was thinking yesterday when so many people from our family and ward wanted to help with the cost of my mission. God really knows our needs and with prayer and our actions.  He will provide. I have seen what he has done, is doing and will do for our family.  Every time I read your letters I feel the spirit. A paz,(peace) a gozo(joy), something awesome that just says, "your family is awesome, keep doing what your doing". Its just awesome.  
I was teaching a lesson yesterday.  We read 2 Nephi 33:10 hasta el final (to the end). Link to Scripture The Spirit really guided the lesson and we started talking about keeping the commandments, but with exactness. And this scripture that is repeated several times in the books of Nephi says that if we keep the commandments we will prosper in the land, but if we don't we will be cast out from the presence of God, por ejemplo adan y eva (by example of Adam and Eve). Its so true. The thing is, its really easy to keep the commandments, its hard not to. We keep the commandments and we are blessed.  Everyone wants to be blessed, but not everyone wants to keep the commandments. But its so true.
Bueno (Okay) this week not much happened, I baptized someone. Not much, ha just kidding.  We baptized this little girl.  She is so smart.  She loves the church and has such a strong testimony. She reminds me of Becca so much. She is so awesome. Her parents are not active but we are working on activating them. Ya mismo (right now).
This week has been tough because  I have been doing everything. My companion said that presidente put him with me to prepare me to train new missionaries this next month. Elder Roman was zone leader and they put him to district leader, which is not common but he told me the purpose. So he has been pushing me a lot to get better so that I can be a good leader and trainer. I have been a little stressed with that but I am getting better and that's always good.
This week we have been working with this family, La familia Panta. They came to church yesterday. They have problems, but the gospel refines people. The dad is so accepting and willing and does whatever we say. The kids are cool too.  They have started to feel the difference entre el espiritu (between the Spirit) when we are there and when we aren't there. Today we are going to put a fecha (date) for baptism. I will tell you how it goes next week. That is it about this week. I have been trying to learn a lot, because I am still new and I want to be a powerful missionary.
We now live with a new missionary, he is a greengo. He talks very well in Spanish but he is so nervous, like I was.  He is so culture shocked, like I was.   But then I realized and was thinking about when I was first got here and how I couldn't talk Spanish. But today I have a realization; I speak two languages. I do. I haven't registered eso (that) before. But I do and its awesome. The gift of tongues is so real.  I just love this so much. I love this work.
I love you
Elder Luke


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