Monday, July 14, 2014

This week we have been looking and finding.

Man, it sounds like everyone is having fun down there in Boise. Man, I miss biking, but I love seeing the pictures of how studly dad is. I brag a lot about him. I cant wait until I get to ride STP with my dad, despues (after) STP, no telling what race we will be doing. I plan on biking a lot when I get back.
Bueno (okay), this week was good. We have been finding new people left and right. We just have to talk to them and we can find the golden investagadores. This week we have been looking and finding. We found a family that are just awesome. The parents are a little older and slower but their son is so smart. He understands everything that we are teaching. Every time we ask him he always says that the church that Christ established consists of Profetas (prophets), apostles, authority, and revelation. He really understands and explains everything to his parents. Yesterday, Bryon, the kids, he is 12 anos (years) and his dad attended church. The dad had so many questions but Bryon fit in so well because he had so many friends. We are going to work hard with them and get them a baptismal date for agosto (August). 
We had such an awesome lesson with another family that is progressing slow. But we taught the message of the restoration. They had such awesome questions.  We answered them.  One of the sons had problems.  He was confused. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and that with the Bible there is lots of confusion, but with the Book of Mormon there is no confusion because it has the fullness of the gospel. The spirit was strong. We later returned back a few days later and the son said he didn't read, but he prayed and he said that he felt something incredible.  We asked him if what we have taught is true and he said yes. He wasn't able to go to church but we are trying with that family. 
Other than them we found another lady who came to church for the first time.  She loved it and really wants to learn. Again working hard with that. Tambien (again) we were working with the new converts that we have. Because they still need some help.  The older lady we just baptized has changed so much.  She is so much happier. She told us that she paid her tithing.  She didn't even need help or anything.  She just did it.  It strengthened my fe (faith) knowing that she has really been converted. 
This work is so awesome. 
My companion hoy (today) had cambios (transfers). I am still in Bastion Popular. But I have a new companion Se llama Elder Roman. I have felt and received word that he was assigned specifically here con mi (with me) so he can help me prepare and grow so that the next cambios (transfers) I can be a leader. I feal that it's true. He is so awesome and has so much experience. I am excited to work with him.  My other companion Elder Cordova is now zone leader in another zone. He will be an awesome leader. 
Its just so awesome, this work. I pray for you mom every day.  I pray so much here because God knows that I have needs. He helps me so much by blessing you.
Have a wonderful week, PLEASE BE SAFE as you guys do such awesome adventures.
I love you mom
Elder Luke
Elder Luke loves street art and murals

American celebration for Elder Luke's 6 month mark

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