Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday email

Hey mom,
I know its early (Saturday instead of Monday) and that's not because I am breaking the rules. The reason is there is a huge Carnival coming in town which means a lot of drinking and its not worth it for the missionaries and not safe. So today I get to email and shop. I have to be back at my home at 6 for today and manana.  On Monday and Tuesday we have to stay in our casa, no leaving at all. It sucks but I think it will be good to have this rest. Especially after the last few weeks.
Basically I feel like I have been trying hard. I feel that I love the people here. Yes I can have more love but this week we had a lot of ceros for our reports. Nobody would keep commitments and nobody would meet with us, we are dropping investagadors left and right. It sucks because I feel that in the next life they are going to regret that.
We had this visit with a less active 14 year old kid and his non-member family. The lesson started well. We talked about baptism and the sister said she was baptized into another church and we explained how thats not the right way by a few drops of water on the head. In the bible it says that Jesus entered water and then after being dunked came straight way out of the water. How is that possible with a few drops on the head. If jesus is the perfect exmple then should we follow him exactly and not in a different way. So we explained it and she could not deny that the espiritu santo testifying that it was true. Then we talked about prayer. The spirit was strong and I felt good until I asked the mom if she would pray to God and ask which church is the true church. Immidiatly the spirit was gone and she just went on about her son being dissobedient and this and that and complaining so much. I felt godly sorrow because I was blessing their family.  I was bringing them the most valuable thing ever and they were not even trying to feel the spirit.  They weren't trying to let us bless them. It was just sad. We are going to keep trying in a few weeks. But thats how our weeks were, just a bunch of ceros and people not listening.
But there was this one family. At first she wasn't listenig and wasn't keeping commitments.  She was afraid that we were right and that she would have to change her life if she received a witness of the truthfulness of our messege. But her daughter said yes to baptism.  Since she is 12 we can't have a feche for her unless the mom commits to baptism as well.  The mom has been meeting with the missionaries for a long time now. But we have been trying and she said she prayed to know if our messege is true.  She said she didn't receive an answer. We told her to keeep praying and an answer will come. Next time we are teaching faith because a prayer without faith will never bring an answer. And faith is beleiving and doing. She already has been doing by meeting with the missionaries and finally praying but she needs to beleive that she can receive a an answer. In the long run she needs to want an answer. So we are trying with them. But thats it. We dont really have anyone progressing for baptism. Its hard.
Pero, my spanish has improved a lot and yes its still not to where I want it to be.  I still can't say exactly what I want but I can teach by the spirit. Thats what matter. 
This week I have been drawing a lot. I told you about the pic that I am drawing, well I finished it. Its amazing. Its the picture that you took of the Christ statue. I modified it just a little so that it's my picture. But my reasoning is not to pedict who christ is because he is perfect and I couldnt do him justice, pero to pedict what he is to you.  I hope you like it.
that's basically it. Just working hard and praying hard. I am super tired though. A lot of walking. 
Mom I want you to know that I pray for you.  I pray for dad and the business and the entire family.  I hope your receiving blessing.
Mom I love you,
Dad I love you
Family I love you all.
Elder Luke.

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