Monday, March 24, 2014

Three months and he is already writing in Spanglish

It's always amazing and bring tears to my eyes to hear from you and the family. This week since Elder White only has a short time left we have been talking about the future and stuff. Talking a lot about what we think about after the mission. I told him today that all I think about the future is really when I get to hug my mom at the end of these best two years. I miss you mom, I miss working. It warms my heart to know that the business is being blessed. Keep my informed about things that come in the store. That if a freaking amazing bike comes in or like another polo poncho. Not like I need that here.   (Ok... not very easy for me to read at work during tax season.. Just saying.)

Well, this week... It was very good and way better than last week pero we had some interesting experiences. Entonces two sabados ago the hermanas in our distrito had a baptism. (Translated: two Saturdays ago some sister missionaries in our district had a baptism) Since my companion is leader of the distrito (district) and the hermanas (sisters) are in our barrio (area) we had the duty to clean and prepare the baptismal font. Its always really dirty. Not because of people not taking care of it but because this city is so dirty. Well we had a problem, the font was already clean pero the drain wouldn't lock so it would not hold water and the city chut (shut) off the water. So we had no water. There is this giant well that is in the ground that holds the water, but it was super low on water. There was enough water but not a lot. Well at the same time the pump to pump it into the church had broken too.  We tried using another one and fished a hose through the capilla. Well that pump was broken tampoco. So after lunch we grabbed two young men and a bunch of buckets and were transporting bucket about 30 yards into the font from the well. To add to that the water in the well was not clean. We finished right before the baptism started at 5:00. All day. My shirt was dirty as can be and the water was not even knee height. Not to mention the water was so dirty that you couldn't see the bottom of the font. It sucked, because we worked solo on that. Pero  I was able two see two young adults. a brother and sister take a paso de fe (walk of faith) and follow Christ. It was absolutely amazing. Even though everything did not go right. It was the ordinance that mattered. I asked the 17 year old kid who was going to get baptized if he was ready. He looked at me and said yes, I am not nervous. I am ready for this. The fe (faith) of this kid was amazing. It was amazing. We are preparing him for a mission by having him come on visits with us every Friday. It was so awesome. Right after the baptism we had an activity that was noche de pelicula or movie night. We got permission to watch Frozen. Yes it was in Spanish but it was actually a cool movie. I bet Becca loved that movie. Only one thing, it sort of mimics Tangled. The purpose of the activity was to find new people. We had invited mucho personas (a lot of people). But the only people who showed up were members. So Fail. But it was fun. 

This week we had been going with this menos activo (less active member) on visits. He loves it. He loves talking about the church and sharing scriptures and talking to everyone. He is an awesome missionary and exactly what this sector needed. 
Okay I got one more crazy story. During the baptismal water mess this family walked by and got our attention. They asked if we were missionaries of this church (because we were next to the capilla). They said that they missed the missionaries teaching them and want us to come by and teach them. The family consists of padres (father), 17 year old girl and a really annoying 7 year old boy. So we were super excited because they wanted the gospel. They had the desire and they wanted us to teach them. Those type of people are rare. So we were super excited. So we went over the first time and met them and taught them. They were really interesting. The kid was super annoying but it was okay because he is young. But I didn't feel very good in the lesson. I kept stuttering and couldn't form words. Everyone was happy and why did I feel so bad. Well I pushed the feelings aside and we went back for another visit. This time it was without the padre and I felt the same way. We were teaching something amazing and important but why did I feel so bad during the lessons. We left the lesson and I asked Elder White how he felt about the lesson and  the family. He said bien, then I told him how I was feeling. I told him that I felt that they were listening to our message not for Christ or the blessings but for something else. I told him we would talk about it in our planning. So we did that night. He said that when I had told how I was feeling, he recognized he was feeling the same way. We both felt that something was off with the family and we didn't know what we should do. We had an appointment with them and they were going to come to church. So we asked heavenly father what we should do. So I offered the prayer and asked if we should go back to our visit next week or not at all. We received the prompting that we should never go back to that house again. Elder White says its because they want one of us to take their daughter to the US. But I don't know. All I know and can't deny the feelings I had and we are not going back. Just made me so grateful for having the spirit. Having him constantly with me and guiding me and warning me. I don't know what I would do with out him. Crazy story but amazing that I have the holy ghost. 

That basically it. Just working hard. Unfortunately nobody came to church of our investigators. So we have no one progressing for baptism. But we found a family that looks and feels promising. 

Its super Hot here.  
Mom I love you. Its really hard here. 247 to the lord. Not a bad thing but I do miss those quiet Sundays with the family and watching sports and movies. 

But I know why I am here, because this work and this gospel is everything. Nothing matters. This is everything. I am studying alma right now. And the padre and king to king Limoni says to Aaron that we would give his entire kingdom just to have eternal life with God. This work and this gospel is literally everything. That's why I am here. 

I love you mom
I love you dad
I love you family.
I pray for you guys a lot. and miss you

Elder Luke.

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