Monday, March 10, 2014

"My mom, she is amazing"

My mom, she is amazing.

A little background first:  In my email to Brian I told him that I finally bore my testimony at church on Fast Sunday.  In 16 years of being a member of the Church I have never done that before.  I always rationalized excuses or something.  But with Brian on his mission encouraging us to be better followers of Christ, it's a lot harder to rationalize.  I also told him that I have a hard time determining if the Spirit is trying to tell me something or if its just my own somewhat crazy ideas.  I recently went to the Temple and was asking God for help with our family business.  I had the thought that I needed to read my scriptures more.  My next thought was "Well how is that going to bring more people into our store?"  Then I realized I was probably rationalizing things again and that sometimes simple acts of obedience will manifest blessings in other aspects of our lives.  Then I received another direct thought to listen to the profits and heed to their counsel.  So, Steve and I have started reading scriptures together before we go to bed at night.  We'll see how this works with tax season sleep depravation, but we are going to try. 
Mom, serious I am so happy for you. I promise you that reading your scriptures will bless you and Dad. I am so happy for you. Keep doing it. Keep it up. Keep following the spirit. I can tell you that what you have been feeling, those promptings, have been of the spirit. That's awesome. Literal filled my spirit. Do you say evening prayers together? Serious do it. In the CCM they said that being with a companion here is preparing me for an eternal companion and if I am supposed to study with him and prayer with him I think that aplys to you two tambien. The family will be so blessed. So excited for you.
Well carnival here is where people celebrate the end of the school year. It's just a giant pool party and they throw water balloons filled with paint and stuff and just have a huge party. Last domingo while wearing my suit, we encountered some idiots who were going to throw balloons but Elder White talked them out of it.  Then another time I watched this dude planning to throw a balloon as I passed. When we passed it hit the ground at my feet.  So either the Lord was protecting me and my suit like Samuel the Lamanite or he just sucks at throwing a balloon prque we weren't standing that far away. It was funny. Those two days were hard. Our casa has only one window so there is no air circulation. So it's so hot all the time. So I wrote a lot in my journal and slept.  We had some pizza and played some water ball soccer. Other missionaries had a blast but my companion only wanted to read. So sort of a buzz kill.

Pero Pero PERO, the next day I had a inter cambio, exchanges for a day with a greengo zone leader. At first I was nervous but once we got to work it was awesome. I learned so much from him and had super awesome leccions con nuestro investagadores. Then we worked out hard that night. I don't do it a lot because i am always so tired after every day. But it was fun. Then the next day I was with Elder White. The next day I did another cambio with another greengo, we had a leccion con the familia that I talked about last time. We watched the restoration movie and at the end she said that she believes our words to be true. It was a huge change in heart. So amazing. We have a baptism feche for the 29 de marzo and that's if everything goes well. Pray it will. Its been an awesome week.
Today is transfers or Cambios and I am with Elder White for another transfer, but I have been told that it is most likely possible that I will train a Latino after I am done with my training. We will see.

Other than that not much going on. Working hard and trying to learn a language and progress this sector along. Oh my Spanish has gotten better. So much better. The gift of tongues is in me, Makes my happy.

Mom i am so happy for you, the family everything. I hope blessings are coming.
I love you mom.
I love you dad
I love you Family
Elder Luke

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