Monday, March 17, 2014

Would I really be here in Ecuador if I didn't know the church was true?

I don't have too much time, only about 10 minutes. Its awesome to hear about Dawson Dayton and Hunter Dennis. (Brian's friends who each opened their mission calls last week). I wish I could see them off. Pero I will be there for their home coming that's for sure. I bet you there is so much pride in the eyes of Brother Dayton and Brother Dennis right now.

My week was hard. We went contacting with other elders and found this lady. Super awesome lady. Me and my companion went the next day to teacher her. We taught the entire family. We taught about Faith, then Repentance and then Baptism. They had a little baby there and we asked "does that baby have sin?" They said no because its a baby it can't do anything wrong. Then we taught about how baptism is supposed to be a decision of your own not your parents. Then a missionary from a different faith walked up and started bashing on us in front of this family. We really didn't say anything, we just let him bash on us. Then he turned to the family and bashed on them for listening to us. Then the mom asked him if the baby had sins. He asked if it had been baptized. They said no. He said yes it has sin. Then the mom went on to teach exactly what we had just taught them. It was so awesome. Finally he left and we apologized and then committed them to baptism. Unfortunately they didn't come to church which prolongs that date and their progression, pero we are working with them.

Another experience was with an 18 year old dude who is progressing for baptism and has been taking a lot of lessons with us. Y tambien con Angie, his friend and a lady who bashed a lot on us. Pero she had changed and she felt that what we had was true. So they asked questions about our standards and about the word of wisdom. Then it came down to why we are Mormon. They were saying that its because we followed our parents. We explained that we each have received answers to our prayers and know the Gospel to be true. I then told them that without this church do you really think I would be in Ecuador, learning Spanish in the heat? They said no. I said exactly. I told them everything I had back home and that most of all I left my family whom I miss so much. I said I am here because I know this church is true and because the Book of Mormon is the word of God. The spirit was so strong and it really changed their hearts.

I am out of time. I will try and send letters this week. I have more stories just no time.
I love you mom
I love you dad
I love you family.

Elder Luke.

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