Sunday, June 14, 2015

We Have been committing everyone to baptism

Well this week has been very fruitful. We have been committing everyone to baptism and now everyone is planned to make such a wonderful covenant with God.

Well this Thursday we went to the temple. Wow what a wonderful place. Its where we got to see the very very old video of the temple. Very old and not that cool. But it was the Spirit that I felt. I love going to the temple. The people who don't believe in temples or those sacred covenants are missing a wonderful experience to be so close to God. I LOVE THE TEMPLE. That is why I was so excited that they have already started to build the Meridian temple. I am so pumped for that temple. I had a thought that it would be so easy in this life if we were to just live in the temple.  We wouldn't be vulnerable to so many temptations. It would be a lot easier and wonderful. 

Well we also were able to do a little fundraiser for an investigator that is having some problems keeping the Sabbath day holy. So all the members pitched in and we bought something that is called bollos. I sent you a picture of a bollo, I don't exactly know how to describe what it is. But it was delicious. We have a little stash of bollos now. Wonderful. Now this guy isn't working on Sunday and he is preparing to be baptized. SUPER awesome. But what sucks is that this next Monday is transfers and it might be my turn if so that means that I wont be able to see his baptism. SAD because he wants me to baptize him. This week we have a baptism of this little girl that just turned eight so my companion is going to baptize her because they have the same birthday, June 1st.

Well things are moving along in the work. and well I just have to say that I am so happy to hear your stories and to hear the things the family is accomplishing.

Sorry its short but I will get better.
I love you
Les amo,


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