Saturday, February 14, 2015

Surprise! District Leader

Well you might be wondering why am I writing you on this fine Saturday. (Well it sure did make my early morning tax season Saturday a lot better.)  The reason is that there is going to go down a huge water fight on Monday and Tuesday in all of Ecuador. (Carnival)  It wont be effective to proselyte those day so we are given today to write the family ( you guys). So these next few day I will be imprisoned in our house, doomed to study all day. No that's a good thing because I have a lot of desire to study a few doctrine and new material. I am actually excited because I will be able to rest.
This week was very hard and stressful. It all started on Monday when the zone leaders called and asked me if the assistant to the president (AP) had called me. I said no. He said REALLY, I responded again no. He then verified at that point again if they had contacted or got a hold of me. At that point I knew that something was going down. First thought was oh great I have transfers because it was like the perfect situation for that. I was thinking NO I only have two weeks here and they are going to change me. How awful. That is when Elder Leva ( zone leader) told me that I am now district leader. Well that's what has happened this week. That's why I am stressed because every night I finish my information at 10:20 and I have 10 min to get ready for bed, without eating anything or writing in my journal. I am a little stressed and worried because I don't want to be a leader who falls apart because of the responsibility. I want to be a leader who has it all under control. These next few day will be good to reorganize me. But I feel more the influence in my life, helping me help others. I am grateful that I am been given this privilege to have a leadership position because I know that its the way the lord can refine me even more. I am learning and going to learn so much.

Well other than that this week I had a few exchanges with the other missionaries in the district.  Also I was informed that my letter I sent to you guys in December never was sent. Bummer

But I feel awesome. My sector isn't perfect and neither my relationship with my companion but slowly we are seeing miracle that are happening. We are going to have a baptism this next week. So I will have photos this next week.  Her name is Gloria Holguin. We were teaching all of her family. Her sister, her brother in law, and other people. in the end, they were having a few problems and others got demotivated and now she is the only one progressing to be baptized. But its so awesome because she has found this light in her life and with that it doesn't matter if she is alone, she is pushing along to be a member. Its amazing the people who are really converted, and how they just have this chain reaction in their lives that changes everything.
We also are teaching this lady, Yudith Centenaro, all of her kids are members and she has listened to the missionaries before. But we started teaching her again. And yesterday we had an awesome lesson. She said, why didn't the other missionaries teach me in this way before? With that I know it is her time to join the fold. To join "team Christ". I see you guys in her.  The Love, relation, and jokes she has with her family. I want her to progress. We have a lot of investigators. The work is moving along. Its awesome.
Like I said we watched the Meet the Mormons but in Spanish.  Presidente Dennis told us that very soon it will hit the big screen here in South America. I am so excited for that. I hope it gets here while I am in the mission. That movie will change a lot of the progression here in South America. 
Well not this week but the next week, or the week that I will write you again I will have the opportunity to listen to a general authority. He is powerful. I have heard him before. He is super powerful. I am super excited. (sounds like it)

I love you guys so very much.

Elder Luke

P.S. well here are photos of my shoes that are a little worn out. The heavy duty Clarks are still good. But the Clarks that let air in, well they aren't that great. (Leave it up to Brian to wear through several pairs of shoes that the Mission supply store said would last way after he comes back from his mission.  Brian has always worn through shoes faster than most people.  Maybe because he loves his shoes.)
Yuck.  And what's with the blue laces?

"Missions are hard on their shoes but good for their sole" - Brad Wilcox


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