Monday, February 9, 2015

I wonder if they would do such a thing if they knew that my parents miss me

Hey Mom,

It makes me laugh about how you and dad find the joy in little things. Reflecting on the past on the tiny little things we did that just started a chain reaction of laughter. Remember the family home evening when dad acted like Benjamin, dancing all around and we thought it was so funny.  Something that I have learned this week is something that is called the trim tab effect.  In a cruise liner or large ships. The rudder is so big that its impossible to move through a steering wheel. But at the end of the rudder there is a very small rudder that is moved to start a vacuum effect on the big rudder causing it to move. We had a conference with Hermana Dennis y (and) presidente, they taught us that if we change just little things in our loves we can have huge effects in the future. It's like the scripture says, "for small things, great things come to pass". Your cute and small date nights cause great things. Its awesome.


Well like I said we had a conference.  While getting to the conference we got lost and someone stole the camera of my companion. I love the conferences because I get to see my friends and I feel the Spirit. But satanas (Satan) has his ways to interrupt the Spirit.  He sent a rat to run around in the podium.  Hermana Dennis was super afraid like all of the North Americans.  I might have been a little disgusted inside of me too. But presidente (Latino) was laughing his head off. Finally they killed it, but while the rat was running around Hermana just taught with even more power because she knew that Satan wanted to interfere with our understanding and learning. I learned so much about the Sacrament.  Also about how important it is to take advantage of these two years because it sets our future. Presidente is so awesome. I really look up to him, I feel his love for us. He talk about obedience, that we obey for fear, for desire for something, but we should obey for love for God. Lately I have been applying that and trying to be more obedient always. 


Well this week has been hot and sweaty, but also with lot of rain. The other day we did service as a zone and the sun was super powerful and I got really burnt. I have just gotten used to sweating. Before I felt weird but now its like something that will happen and I can't do anything to control it. But there are a few houses here that have air conditioning. That's always nice especially in the chapel.


We are currently working with this awesome family but one day the father of the family decided that he didn't want anything. That was sad, but we are going firm with his family because they are firm in God and this church. Wow it crazy how people reject us here. I just go to a door with a smile on my face and I just said Hi and they just say no no no no I don't want anything. Go away. Wow I didn't do anything. Crap. I wonder if they would do that if they knew really how much we sacrifice and do to spread happiness in other's lives. I wonder if they would do such a thing if they knew that my parents miss me. It's just sad that people are so blind to the truth. But the best part is that God always waits with his arms opened wide waiting. Someday they will be brought to the truth.


Oh I watched the Movie Meet the Mormons. It was in Spanish and it was awesome. But hey if they sell copies there in the USA it would be awesome if you could send me one. I loved the movie, it was inspiring and so funny. 


Oh and did you guys ever receive my letter from Christmas. (Unfortunately we didn't receive that letter).


Well that is it for this week. I love you


Elder Luke

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