Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The great gozo (Joy) I have

Yes mom, I am doing good. I have interesting things going on but I am fine. Yea I had some problems con (with) my head but that went away and I haven't had problems since. But my companion had a head ache and had a hard time working.  On Saturday he looked into the mirror and had things on his face that looked like achne. The next day it got worse and so he went to the clinical and found out he has chicken pox. Since I have never had it I can't be his companion. He can't leave the house for 21 days. Which sucks because we have a baptism this Saturday. Looks like I get to do the baptism. I am fine with that. I get with other elders in the zone.  Well that's the extent of that. Mom don't worry I am completely fine.
Okay well this week was sort of dull but had some good things going on. Had some problems with my companion but we worked somethings out.  But the excitement started viernes (Friday). When la familia Jara got married, we got to be there for that. I baptized the daughter, remember. All of the hijos son miembros (children are members). So they got married and it was so cute to see such an older couple get married.  They are just so sweet and happy. The esposo (husband) always refer to his wife as his wife. " yes esposa".  But the thing that makes me so happy is that this Saturday they will be baptized and confirmed into the church of jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).   That's awesome but that's not even what is causing this great gozo (joy) that I have. The real thing is that I get to see that entire family in one year enter into the temple and be an eternal family. My patriarchal blessing says that my work here will bare fruit. This family that I have found is such a blessing to my life. You said one time in your letter awhile ago that the definition of a missionary is someone who leaves his family for a short while so that other families can be together forever. It's so true. This is hard but that joy and happiness that I receive knowing that warms my heart and keeps me going. The family Jara in one year will be an eternal family. That's what this is all about.
Apart de eso (from that), we tenemos un (have an) investigator that is also going to be baptized this Saturday. We found her off of a pure direction de dios (of God). She has problems but she has a desire to be baptized and live the word of God. She reads the Book of Mormon all the time.
Other than the fiasco con mi (with my) companion and the wedding, not much has been going on. I am completely fine. I am awesome. I just love this gospel. The only way people could feel the way I feel about this church is going to church, reading the Book of Mormon, and praying. I think I have said that before but its so true, all are such powerful tools. Si una persona (If a person) did those things they can feel the same way I do. I just wish more people would come, and partake of the blessing He has in store for them.
Tambien (Also) I love the Book of 3 Nephi. So awesome. I love all the things that Christ says when he is here in the Americas.
Mom remember when we had that joke before I left about the weapons for missionaries. The Preach my Gospel on the wall with the pamflits and Scriptures. Its so ture. They have so much iunsight. Its just beautiful. (Before Brian left we watched the missionary videos and noticed that they didn't have any pictures on the walls in the mission apartments.  The pictues they did have looked like they were Chuch magazines or the Preach my Gospel cover art.  We joked that they would just use their scriptures and materials as decorations and pull them off the wall when they needed to fight the battles of the day.  Fun that he is using that memory.  Oh and I did send him with some of my photographs of Idaho and temples to hang on their walls too.)
Apart de eso i will see you guys domingo (Sunday - Mothers Day). I love this gospel guys. Its awesome. Its AWESOME.

I love you mom
I love you dad
I love you family.
Elder Brian Luke

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