Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pictures! He's taking Pictures!

We got emails from Elder Luke today and the photographer in me is very happy.  He took (and sent) pictures.  Its so hard to not know what he's doing or what conditions he is living in.  We have looked at pictures and videos online, but I wanted to know and see more.  My son... he took pictures!

Here are some highlights from his emails:
Hey Dad
I am actually getting over my sickness. I am almost at my prime. But regardless it is still tiring being here. We play ultimate Frisbee as a zone almost every day and i am one of the best. It is so much fun. Our zone is the best.[Learning humility I see.] 
But i do have to say i have been talking about your story. My best friend here's  dad had the same exact story and he said that his dad did tour de California. [oh no... is that a challenge for Dad]
Its fun here but i am having a hard time. I don't like being weak. i want to be the best Spanish speaker here but i am not even close. But i set a goal that i will be the best by the end of 6 weeks.
I am glad Brandon is helping out. i was really worried about that. But if he stays determined and gets good at it i am confidant that he will be amazing even with the pegged pants and V necks. ;D
Dad i really miss you. i thought it would be somewhat easy being away but once i was gone i missed you guys. I think thats the hardest part. But i know my purpose and why i am here. Attached are some pic. I love you dad.
Elder Luke
Hey mom
I really miss you and the family. Its awesome here but its tough. I have been taking a lot of pictures lately but unfortunate we aren't aloud to take pics except on p day which is lame. There is a lot of stuff i don't enjoy about this MTC but over all i am glad i am here with these people because its so Beautiful here. There is this other guy who is from Nampa who is super cool, just like me, mountain bikes, man he is so cool. ill send a picture of him giving me his favorite tie and now its my favorite. I love you mom. Here are some pics.
Oh i forgot, we got to go to the temple today. It was awesome. Weird to do it with english headphones on and i was tired. Other than that it was muy bien.  I Love you guys and you mom. 
Peace, or Paz
Elder Luke


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