Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas message - No Phone calls from the CCM


i really miss me familia. I hope you are having an awesome Christmas. The mtc is awesome but i have found that i have mas weaknesses. Oh and its called the CCM or (say say M aye) if that makes sense. I am learning the true power of prayer. This Spanish thing is getting hard. It wasn't until yesterday that i could teach somewhat in Spanish. We are teaching an actor investigator, so role playing. We have been teaching him ever since we got here. And  i have to read the lesson off of a paper just to get everything in there. But i received a blessing from my district leader that i may receive the gift of tongues. We had the opportunity to bless the hermanes. Its the first time i have ever done that. it was quite a bonding experience for our district. My district is awesome. The Hermanes love to have fun and have beautiful testimonies and the elders are super fun and we really care about each other. I will send pictures tomorrow on my P days (Thursday). But i love them to death. Mom i felt like i needed to give out the big pictures you sent me with for Christmas. I just felt like it was right. My best friend here gave me a beautiful wool tie, very stylish, for Christmas, Guys i have never blessed or stand in a blessing but when the priesthood is strong and is used it is beautiful. I Loves this gospel. I came to realize something, that i haven't taken advantage of Dad´s priesthood. Use it, that's what its there for, for us. It was a beautiful experience for me to be in-tuned with the spirit and administer a blessing unto my companion. It was just an indescribable experience. Mom i am so grateful for all the pictures, they really help me, especially the letters that you gave me for today. So grateful. I really miss you but i know i need to be out here serving. This gospel is beautiful. Thank you for raising me in the right way. I will admit i miss riding a bike and listening to music. Oh and i had the same sickness mom had that made her lose her voice, today is actually the best i have felt. The weather here is hotter but i adapted pretty fast. I will tell you more about the fun i have been having tomorrow. But i want to wish you a merry Christmas. I miss you all so much. Thank you for the video. Can you have people email me? I want Dylan´s and Josh´s emails. I have seen the city of mexico and its unique and fun, but truth be told it is a dump, its ghetto. The CCM is literally like a little place of heaven among st all that craziness. Like yesterday we were sitting outside in the beautiful weather studying for our lesson with our investigator, the entire time the cars just right outside were just wailing on their horns the entire time. It was funny yet annoying. I have only been here for like 6 days and it has felt like eternity. Guys i know this gospel is true, i know Christ lives. That he loves us. I know Joseph smith say god the father and Jesus Christ and that Christ has restored His church. I love being here,
I miss you so much
I love you.
Elder Luke  

P.s. pics tomorrow.
[From Brian's mom]
  With so many missionaries at the MTC they do not have time or availability to make phone calls on Christmas.  We were glad to get his email though.  He sounds like he is doing well even though he was sick.  I wouldn't have been able to function, let alone learn and speak another language with the cold I gave him.  He mentions that it wasn't until yesterday that he could teach somewhat in Spanish.  It must seem like a long time, but most of us couldn't teach in Spanish after only 5 days of instruction. 
If you would like to email Elder Luke, let us know and we'll get you his email address.  I will also be "hacking" his email account later today and adding contacts to his account so that he has some email addresses.  One of those things on the list that didn't get done before he left
Thank you to all of you who sent a letter with him for his Christmas present. 

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