Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Arrived Safely!!!

Hey dad, hope you check this email. I don't actually know moms email so yea. I learned from my experience traveling to the mtc i have realized that i don't like flying. Okay its not bad but its not my favorite. I don't know about you but i miss you guys and cried a bunch. Mom thank you so much for that picture book it really means a lot to me. The flying process was fine, i figured it out pretty easily and it helped that there was a missionary leaving from Boise who was going to the Mexico MTC. Oh and that couple in the Boise airport that was in front of us in security check in, they went and bought me breakfast and helped me out. Super grateful.So we helped each other out.Surprisingly i slept a bunch on the air ride. in Phoenix the transition was super easy to my next flight where we met up with a bunch of missionaries. But Mexico is a whole other world, its crazy how dirty and cluttered everything is. The street are crazy, nobody uses their blinker they just merge even if a car is there. They even had people walking through traffic selling candy and yogurt. There are also a lot of bill boards. So the drive was crazy. We just arrived at the MTC or CCM. i have to say wearing the name tag with Jesus Christ`s name is an honour. Physically i am doing good. The Air quality sucks here and its really hot. Its not even close to 18 degrees and i don't even have an iphone to check the weather. Its quite a shocker. I am still nervous about Spanish, relying on the lord for that. But the CCM is a beautiful place amongst all the craziness. I could write all day because i miss you guys but i did sign up for this. I Loves two both so much and am so grateful for what you have done for me to get to this point. In closing, i am alive, i am hear and i am ready.
I Love you
Elder Luke

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