Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And he's off to Mexico City

Early Wednesday morning we took Brian to the airport to say "See Ya later."  After the night before we were prepared with tissues but that didn't stop the tears.  Wow, its not easy sending your Son off to a foreign country and know that you wont see him for two years.  We wont be able to text him to find out how he's feeling or what he is doing.  We wont be able to protect him or guide him in the safe decisions.  We wont be there for him to hug him or to say it will all be alright.  We wont be able to make memories together.  It's not easy.

But he will be awesome.  He will make good decisions.  He will learn so much.  He will help and serve other people.  He will be protected and watched over.  He will serve God and have a grand adventure.

As we were saying goodbye  to Brian he was standing in line with a lady who looked like she was carrying a wedding dress.  She must have been excited to start her adventure or journey, but she took the time to talk with Brian.  After Brian went through the first stage of security and after we could no longer help him, there she was again.  God placed this lady in Brian's line to be his new friend and to help him through security.  It was just a simple act of kindness by a stranger, but it was so much more.  It was God saying directly to me "I will send people to watch over and help your son.  He will be taken care of.  Trust Me.  Believe in Me.  Your son is in good hands." (queue more tears)  Brian said that this lady and her companion stayed with him even after security and bought him breakfast.  Thank you stranger.  Thank you for being God's angel today and for comforting a worried mom's heart.

Definition of missionary - Someone who leaves their family for two years so that others may be with their families for Eternity.  (queue tears)

Easily Identified.  Well Represented.

Last goodbyes..

These arms will be a lot taller the next time they hug.

Its not easy

I may be sad... But I am ready!

Thank you Karel for coming to the airport just in time to take pictures for us.  I'm usually the one capturing these moments.  It was nice not to have to worry about documenting these tears.

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