Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tourist type pictures

When Brian left I told him to take lots of pictures.  He's the photographers son so he knew what that meant.  But when he got down there it wasn't very easy to take pictures in the area he was at.  Last week he was able to go to one of the tourist sights and take pictures.  He was also told to take pictures of himself and not just his companions.  He listened. 

Brian and some other Elders went to the area in Guayaquil called Malecon 2000.  This is the same area he took the pictures of the Iguana's a few weeks ago.  This area has had some serious renovations to make it a tourist destination.  There are parks, a boardwalk, live bands, and a hike to an old church and lighthouse.  It looks like you have to walk up 444 steps to get to the lighthouse.  No wonder he is so sweaty in the pictures.  Glad to see them having some fun too.
Colorful shopping market

Step #001
Here we go!
At the top!

Step #444

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