Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New companion. No English.

Hey mom
Man I miss you. Sorry I am writing later than later. We were to receive a call on domingo (Sunday)about cambios o transfers but then they called and said that it was going to be today and not lunes (Monday). So yesterday was just a normal day of proselyting, y today is my p day. Elder White transferred to a different area, I am still here in Portete 1 With my new companion, se llama (called) Elder Carvejal. He is Latino and doesn't know any English. Its tough. Como I can communicate but I feel like I am just saying nothing and he doesn't understand. I feel like I am starting all over. Como Elder White could answer my questions and knew what I needed to say, this Elder doesn't. Its tough. I have only been his companion for a short time period and its already hard. He is an awesome Elder but  its so hard to communicate. I can talk to the investigator through the spirit but it doesn't work like that for companions. Just pray for me because I am going to be praying a lot this week. It will all be fine. Apart de eso everything is going awesome here in Ecuador.
Mom you don't need to worry I haven't gotten robbed yet but its really not that dangerous. People get sick here but not anyone that I have known. That's really weird though that you mentioned being sick in your email.  I have been feeling sick lately.  I hit my head on the wall one evening and ever since then every time I move my head fast or lay down fast or just odd situations I get light headed and the world spins. I have blacked out a few times this week, not passing out but close. I drink a lot of water but I think I just rocked my head on the wall really bad. Its been freaking me out solo because I don't like to feel that way. But I know I will be fine.
Now that is the bad part of this week.  Other than that we found a nuevo (new) investigator, ella (it) is really weird. We found her this week and committed her to baptism and she said yes.  Her words said yes but her expressions said no. She is like that in all things.  She will change her mind really fast but her face says something different. But this week we have been teacher her and she assisted iglesia (attended church), so regardless of what her face says we have her asistencia (assistance) and her feche (date) for baptism.
Julia Jara Baptism
Apart de eso we had the baptism of Julia Jara. It was just so awesome and amazing. She gets confirmed this Sunday as part of the church of God, because this last week was stake conference.   I don't understand why Julia doesn't smile in the pictures, mucho Latinos don't smile in pictures but are super smiley in general.
Tambien (also) this week this investigator was considering separating from his novia (wife) and hija (daughter). We taught him to pray and think about it. He did and he said he wants to stay with his family, so we brought the novia (wife) in and taught them how they can be an eternal familia, It was awesome and they are now reading the book of Mormon together. That was an awesome experience.
En conference we had a lot of people there, 7 investigators y 6 menos activos. For this zone that's a lot. It just feels good to have success. I got to hear Elder Holland speak a little bit of Spanish  from a transmission to the country of Ecuador.
I can do this mom.  I am afraid. I haven't always been afraid in my life but this mission is really showing me how much I need to rely on Christ.
That's it for here in Ecuador, I miss you so much mom, but its freaking weird to think that I have 4 meses in the mission and it feels like 1.  The days just blend together, that's why I need to get better in writing in my journal.

I love you mom
Elder Luke.


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