Monday, February 10, 2014

Its hard but I have seen Miracles already.

Its so funny how cold it is there (in Boise) compared to here. I sweat constantly. por ejemplo just in the morning study I sweat more than I would in two days back home right now. I am constantly sweating. I carry around one of those white rags and wipe the sweat and its not white anymore. I was just talking to my companion that when I get home I am going to need all the warm cloths I can get. Its gonna be a shock going from super hot to super cold. but I also hope that its like negatives because I miss the cold. we will see. 

The fans must be very necessary.
The city I am serving in is Guayaquil and the ward is Portete ward.  (We were trying to find a town called Portete.)  We walk a lot.  My feet are already tired.   
My stomach has done pretty well, normally its two dishes for lunch, a sopa con some meat and then another plate with rice meat and then some side thing. Most of the time we have coca cola with that. That's every single lunch here. The members feed us that and then we really only have a snack in the morning and evening. Which was weird to get used to here. Mornings I usually have cereal and then in the evening we buy bread from a bakery from Columbia. Its awesome. My favorite is pan de queso. Bread with cheese. Its awesome. That's about it for food. not much of a variety.
I have been praying so hard for the store and to help you guys.  I hope its a blessing. One of my teachers in the CCM said that if I work hard here then everything will be provided for back home. Well I have been working hard, that's for sure at least that's what my body is saying.
It warms me to know that so many people are praying for me. Its hard but I have seen miracles already.
Okay story time. One of our investigators has been meeting with missionaries forever, it seems.  He just doesn't get it and is afraid to get it. He wants the desire but has so much fear. The two times I have been there to teach him it has been awesome. We wanted to commit him to Baptism. So we visited him and I asked him if he had a testimony of the Book of Mormon and he paused and didnt say a thing. I said that if he prayed tonight with the Book of Mormon in hand, poured out his heart to God and asked if it was true he would receive an answer.  Then the next morning at the same time I would ask him to be baptized. The next day we went there after praying so much for him. We started with a prayer and then asked him if he prayed. Instantly the Spirit was there. He did pray and he received an answer and he would not deny that the Libro de Mormon is the word of God.  After a while of talking and feeling the spirit he said he would get baptized. It was awesome. I feel like we finally got to him and he knows this is the true church. Later I found out that he is the only non-member in his family so it warmed my heart to know that now they can be an eternal family and eventually have the Priesthood in their home. Its so awesome. I am so excited. We have been having really good days lately. A few suckish but we have PROGRESSING investigators that makes me happy. 
Elder Luke and Elder White
Other than that its just been a lot of walking and trying to learn Spanish. I am poco por poco getting there. Still sucks. Pero i am happy. 
I love this gospel, I love it with all my heart and my investigators remind me that everyday. All I want them to do is just get it and follow the spirit. 
I miss you all
Elder Luke

Guayaquil Ecuador Temple
Brian mentioned that he isn't taking a lot of pictures of his area because he is afraid that his camera could get stolen.  (not something his mother likes to hear.  I will get by with a few less pictures then I would really like.)

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